Kitchens & Baths

Many of Bill’s clients are ready for change in their current homes. In addition to changing décor, they opt for remodeling the functional spaces in the home – because of this kitchen & bathroom design sit at the forefront of Bill Kiefer’s skillset. Knowing that commercial offerings will not meet their standards, they utilize Bill Kiefer’s services to design and manage their home renovations and interior design.

Bill Kiefer consistently applies profound aesthetic sensibility to create functional spaces. Bill does this first, by understanding how his clients will live in those oft used practical rooms, what their vision of the space is to become. He then applies his expertise at interior design and construction project planning in order to complete the metamorphosis, from concept to final design approval and implementation.

Knowing that renovating a room is as important as the original construction and that the bond of cohesiveness must remain, Bill Kiefer has made designing and remodeling existing kitchens and baths a specialty.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or just furnishing your home, Bill Kiefer’s interior design servies will turn your real estate into a real treasure.

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